The South Florida Index
Launching a Guide for Sustainable Regional Success

The South Florida Index is a project that gathers, publishes and analyzes pertinent data on the South Florida region in order to provide an impartial intellectual framework to guide informed, collaborative decision-making throughout the region.

The first meeting to discuss the commencement of the work of the Index, convening regional private and public sector stakeholders, will be held on July 24th, 2012 at FAU's School of Urban & Regional Planning. For more information please contact Dan Morris at

The goal of the initial work of the Index is to define the South Florida region via the compilation of demographic, economic, environmental, transportation, land use, housing, workforce and education data. This data will be searchable and integrated into an interactive online mapping program that will be easy-to-use and disseminated to the region's stakeholders and the general public.

The South Florida Index is not meant to directly elicit specific policy responses. Instead, the goal is to be a catalyst for action, by engaging individuals to think informatively about the South Florida region and its future.

Specifically, the Index seeks to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the interrelatedness of issues facing the region
  • Measure where the region is and show trends over time
  • Encourage regional thinking
  • Inspire South Floridians to work together in new ways to achieve shared goals